MINECRAFT PARTY By Custom Party Time

We are featuring another fantastic MINECRAFT themed party by CustomPartyTime.com!!

The kids were entertained by great food, pictures with their friends, a Gaming Tournament and Free Play MINECRAFT that included 4 players together in their own world, and individual time with the Birthday Boy opening gifts, all captured on film by Custom Party Time!

Check it out and feel free to shop our MINECRAFT Party Goods or contact us for full party planning if you are in our service area!

Custom Invite Boxes by Custom Party Time

Custom Invite Boxes by Custom Party Time

An optional Invite Box contains a different MINECRAFT Cardboard figurine, a chocolate bar with custom wrap and a 4×6 color invitation. Hand deliver and you are sure to set the mood for your upcoming party!

A Table Fit for any MINECRAFT Fan!

A Table Fit for any MINECRAFT Fan!


Game Time!!

Game Time!! Tournament and Free Play allows for multiple player entertainment!!

Photo Back Drop for pictures and the perfect MINECRAFT Cake!

Photo Back Drop for pictures and the perfect MINECRAFT Cake by 4 Blessings Bakery!

A Gaming Tournament and Prizes for Everyone!!

Prizes for Everyone!! Each winner received a trophy and Mario candy.. and every guest received a treat bag packed full of customized candies and toys!

Everyone enjoyed the MINECRAFT Themed Snacks!! The Coal was made by the Birthday Boys Mom and was the biggest HIT!

Everyone enjoyed the MINECRAFT Themed Snacks!! The Coal was made by the Birthday Boys Mom and was the biggest HIT!

Thank you for viewing and we look forward to featuring more parties, please check back for more!




MINECRAFT INVITES by Custom Party Time

Custom Invite Boxes by Custom Party Time

Custom Invite Boxes by Custom Party Time

At Custom Party Time, we take the time to ensure your invite will WOW your guest’s!

This particular guest of honor wanted an Invite Box that showed his excitement for his upcoming MINECRAFT themed Birthday Party! Each Invite Box contained a different MINECRAFT Cardboard Figurine, a Candy Bar with a Custom Designed Wrap and a 4×6 Color Invite. The bottom of the box was lined with different shades of green confetti to replicate grass and each was topped with a different design on top.  With these hand delivered, the guests were sure to feel like V.I.P.’s for an upcoming celebration!

Have us design your upcoming invites or plan your party! Visit us for more information!



Treasure Map Cupcakes

treasure-map-cupcake-cake-recipeAhoy! Pirate enthusiasts and adventure seekers are sure to dig this island trove of treats. Bestow a special honor on the birthday boy by presenting him with the “X” cupcake filled with an edible treasure (scoop a well from its center, place a candy inside, and frost over it).

What you’ll need

  • cupcakes
  • vanilla frosting
  • food coloring
  • vanilla wafers
  • chocolate coins
  • red licorice laces
  • red, green, purple, and orange spice drops
  • M&Ms
  • tubed chocolate decorator frosting
  • licorice pastels (Good and Plenty)
  • chocolate-covered graham cracker
  • red decorating sugar
  • pretzel stick
  • chocolate nuggets
  • sugar pearls

How to make it

  1. For the map base and compass: You’ll need a 16-ounce can of vanilla frosting. Spoon ¼ cup into a ziplock bag. Tint ¼ cup with yellow food coloring and place it in a ziplock bag, then tint 3 tablespoons aqua by mixing blue and green coloring. Reserve the rest. (You’ll use the bagged frosting for decorative elements; snip a tiny corner from each bag before using.)
  2. Place 2 cups ground vanilla wafers in a large bowl. Frost 11 cupcakes with the reserved frosting and gently dip them in the crumbs to coat them. Frost another cupcake aqua. Arrange the cupcakes on a serving platter, then garnish with the extra crumbs and chocolate coins, if you like.
  3. Snip red licorice laces into ¾-inch pieces for the dotted map line. On a sugared surface, gently roll out 1 green and 5 red spice drops until fl at. Trim 4 of the red pieces into triangles for the map’s X and the remaining red piece into a 1-inch square for the compass center. Snip the green spice-drop piece into a 1-inch square.
  4. Press all the candy pieces into place on the cupcakes, adding 1 brown and 1 red M&M to the dotted path and the X. Use tubed chocolate decorator frosting to pipe compass markings on the aqua cupcake.
  5. For the bones: On a sheet of waxed paper, pipe vanilla frosting dots on the ends of licorice pastels (we used Good & Plenty) and let the dots harden slightly.
  6. For the volcano: Use a serrated knife to trim one end of a chocolate-covered graham cracker into a volcano peak. Pipe on yellow frosting lava lines and sprinkle with red decorating sugar.
  7. For the pirate flag: Use the knife to trim a zigzag edge on one end of a chocolate-covered graham cracker and pipe on a vanilla and chocolate frosting skull. Attach a pretzel stick pole with frosting.
  8. For the treasure chest: Pipe yellow frosting onto the flat side of a chocolate nugget. Sprinkle it with sugar pearls, then press on another chocolate nugget.
  9. For the parrot: On a sugared surface, gently roll out a red spice drop until flat. Trim it into wings and a tail. Snip a small piece of an orange spice drop for the beak. Press the pieces onto a whole green spice drop. Dot on two chocolate frosting eyes, then insert a pretzel stick perch.
  10. For the palm tree: On a sugared surface, roll out 2 green spice drops until flat. Snip them into leaf shapes and press them onto a pretzel stick.
  11. For the shovel: Roll out a purple spice drop. Snip it into a scoop shape and press it onto a pretzel stick. Attach a pretzel stick handle with frosting.

Celebrating Anjali’s 9th Birthday – Signature Party by Custom Party Time

*A Signature Party by Custom Party Time*
Celebrating Anjali’s 9th Birthday!

A party to remember as guests decorated their own Masquerade Mask, followed the clues to find the Treasure, Challenged each other in games, decorated their nails, and we were sure to capture each guest giving their special gift to the Birthday Girl!
Memories were made and excitement was had by all!! So much fun!

Each guest received a Handmade Ribbon Wand, Jewels, Blue Bubbles, a Custom Treat Bag from the Candy Buffet and a Beautiful Custom Goodie Bag to take their treasures home!

Happy Birthday Anjali! ~

Decorate Photobooth Props

photobooth-props-printablesLooking for easy, simple, cheap and low mess craft activities for your child’s birthday party?

Decorate Photobooth Props – Kids can decorate these printables cut them out and glue them onto wood dowels. Might be good to do this in the beginning of the party so that the glue can dry during cake and presents. After glue is dry it would be fun to take pictures of the kids with their props and email out to parents.