Adorable Ideas for Planning Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

Adorable Ideas for Planning Your Baby's 1st Birthday Party

There’s really no birthday that’s as special to celebrate as your child’s first one. Even though he or she probably won’t remember a thing, there will always be the photographs and cute little mementos to show them how loved they are, and how excited you and the rest of the family were to honor your first twelve months together.

Make it an extra meaningful day by turning your baby’s birthday party into a personalized, home-made event. We’ve compiled some of our favorite DIY crafts here for you– so check them out and get to planning!

Embellished Birthday Party Hat

When celebrating your baby’s first birthday, not just any party hat will do! Get crafty by making your own embellished hat, like this adorable one. Not only will this make for a great keepsake, but your baby will look pretty darn cute in it, too!


Baby’s Face Photo Banner

Who wants a plain old party banner when you can make this amazing DIY banner adorned with your child’s face? This is an awesome looking craft that is a lot easier to make than it looks!


Happy Birthday Cupcakes

Serve these sweet and simple mini cupcakes at your party, and they’re sure to be enjoyed by all of your
guests– toddlers and adults alike! This is a much more mess-friendly, baby-friendly alternative to a large birthday cake.


Balloon High Chair

Since this day is all about the birthday baby, turn their everyday high chair into a special throne! By lining the chair with streamers and signs, and tying some festive balloons to the back, you can transform your child into a birthday prince or princess.


Fizzy Jello Cups

Give out these cute little refreshments to your younger guests! Sure, every kid loves plain jello, but our fizzy jello is a whole other story. This deliciously modern take on the classic dessert will be a definite hit with all party-goers.


Polaroid Display

Are you obsessed with photographing your new baby? Good, we thought so. For this adorable craft, simply snap a whole bunch of Polaroid pictures! Don’t have a Polaroid camera, or don’t have time to take new pictures? Just do what Amanda Pair did, and turn old favorites into fake Polaroids by using a photo editing tool like Adobe Photoshop!