MINECRAFT PARTY By Custom Party Time

We are featuring another fantastic MINECRAFT themed party by CustomPartyTime.com!!

The kids were entertained by great food, pictures with their friends, a Gaming Tournament and Free Play MINECRAFT that included 4 players together in their own world, and individual time with the Birthday Boy opening gifts, all captured on film by Custom Party Time!

Check it out and feel free to shop our MINECRAFT Party Goods or contact us for full party planning if you are in our service area!

Custom Invite Boxes by Custom Party Time

Custom Invite Boxes by Custom Party Time

An optional Invite Box contains a different MINECRAFT Cardboard figurine, a chocolate bar with custom wrap and a 4×6 color invitation. Hand deliver and you are sure to set the mood for your upcoming party!

A Table Fit for any MINECRAFT Fan!

A Table Fit for any MINECRAFT Fan!


Game Time!!

Game Time!! Tournament and Free Play allows for multiple player entertainment!!

Photo Back Drop for pictures and the perfect MINECRAFT Cake!

Photo Back Drop for pictures and the perfect MINECRAFT Cake by 4 Blessings Bakery!

A Gaming Tournament and Prizes for Everyone!!

Prizes for Everyone!! Each winner received a trophy and Mario candy.. and every guest received a treat bag packed full of customized candies and toys!

Everyone enjoyed the MINECRAFT Themed Snacks!! The Coal was made by the Birthday Boys Mom and was the biggest HIT!

Everyone enjoyed the MINECRAFT Themed Snacks!! The Coal was made by the Birthday Boys Mom and was the biggest HIT!

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MINECRAFT INVITES by Custom Party Time

Custom Invite Boxes by Custom Party Time

Custom Invite Boxes by Custom Party Time

At Custom Party Time, we take the time to ensure your invite will WOW your guest’s!

This particular guest of honor wanted an Invite Box that showed his excitement for his upcoming MINECRAFT themed Birthday Party! Each Invite Box contained a different MINECRAFT Cardboard Figurine, a Candy Bar with a Custom Designed Wrap and a 4×6 Color Invite. The bottom of the box was lined with different shades of green confetti to replicate grass and each was topped with a different design on top.  With these hand delivered, the guests were sure to feel like V.I.P.’s for an upcoming celebration!

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Party by Custom Party Time – MINECRAFT

Custom Party Time is excited to share an amazing signature party! This was designed exclusive for a special MINECRAFT birthday celebration!  Please share in our excitement and contact us for your very own MINECRAFT experience.

CustomPartyTime.com MINECRAFT Experience Birthday Party!!

MINECRAFT Experience Birthday Party!!

Invitations were specially designed by Custom Party Time. This was a Double Sided 5×4″ Invitation with party details and a custom designed Double Sided Candy Bar Wrapper. This was enclosed in a velum envelope with green confetti grass.. a must have to set the excitement for the party!

This is two different  MINECRAFT invites. There is the standard card Invite, front and back and Candy Bar Wrapper Invite, front and back.

This is two different MINECRAFT invites. There is the standard card Invite, front and back and Candy Bar Wrapper Invite, front and back.

Walking into the room everyone was excited at the real size pieces of MINECRAFT! We had 6 MINECRAFT pillars, Table Setting and Center Pieces, Photo Backdrop, Party Favors, Candy Buffet, MINECRAFT Team Shirts (green and black) and so much more…

The kids were excited to be "on the set" of MINECRAFT!

The kids were excited to be “on the set” of MINECRAFT!

Lets Party! Steve Favor Bags, Egg Prizes, Custom Lollipops, Custom MINECRAFT T-Shirts, Candy Buffet.. YAY!

Lets Party! Steve Favor Bags, Egg Prizes, Custom Lollipops, Custom MINECRAFT T-Shirts, Candy Buffet.. YAY!

Every party needs a Candy Buffet! All the kids enjoyed making their own candy take home bags with all the signature MINECRAFT delights! Custom Lollipops, Gold, Diamonds, Slime Balls, and more.  Designed MINECRAFT candy bags to fill completed the delicious experience!

Yum! Candy Buffet.. Gold, Slime Balls, and more!

Yum! Candy Buffet.. Gold, Slime Balls, and more!

Last but not least, MINECRAFT Battlefield with their favorite NERF gear! Every guest received a custom designed shirt with their team color, a choice of weapon, and safety glasses.  This was so much fun!!

Custom Designed MINECRAFT Shirts... ready for the battlefield!

Custom Designed MINECRAFT Shirts… ready for the battlefield!

We hope you enjoyed the ideas and click here to contact us for your MINECRAFT experience! Custom Party Time is ready to create your child’s personalized party and let the memories begin, click here.

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10 Tips for Hosting a Kids Birthday Party

10 Tips for Hosting a Kids Birthday Party
Children’s parties are so much fun but need some more foresight than an adults only party. Here are 10 tips for hosting a children’s birthday party for less stress and more fun.

Birthday party planning can turn even a veteran hostess into a ball of nerves, especially when you are hosting a party for a child. But that does not have to be the case – with a few simple steps and a little careful planning, you can host a fabulous celebration without all the stress! The biggest hurdle is deciding on a theme and a date. Once those are decided, everything else will fall into place to create a memorable and festive event.

Here are 10 tips to follow to ensure an easy and seamless experience:

1. Start by choosing a theme. Not all parties need to have a theme to be a success – in fact, some of the best parties I have been to have been theme-less – but selecting a theme can be helpful. Building your party around a theme is a simple way of staying focused and keeping your party elements consistent.Select a date. With the theme in hand, select a date that works well with your lifestyle – and one that will likely fit with your guests’ lifestyle as well. For example, if your guests are big sports fan, don’t try to host a birthday party the same weekend as a playoff game, unless you are linking the party to the game itself.

3. Save the date. At least 6-8 weeks before the party, send out an electronic save the date card. This not only ensures that your guests are tuned into your plans, but it will also allow guests who may not be able to attend to let you know well in advance. That way, you might be able to invite other guests who may not have been on your original invitation list.

4. Send out invitations. Four weeks before the birthday party, send out invitations that tie in with your theme. Selecting invitations that fit with the theme of your celebration will give your guests a hint of what to expect, thus building excitement around the event.

5. Keep a guest list. Knowing who is coming, what allergies or special needs they have, and who to contact in case of an emergency is the simplest way to avoid mishaps at the party, especially when hosting a party for children where parents are not present.

6. Don’t stress about the décor. In recent years, party decorations have become increasingly elaborate, causing many of us to focus more on the décor than on the event. Keep your decorations from taking over the party by sticking with a color theme of 1-2 colors, and then accenting with a few theme-focused details. Remember, children take little notice to carefully choreographed table displays!

7. Plan your entertainment. Every party needs an element of entertainment. Don’t overdo it, but having at least one or two party games, party entertainers, or a simple but strategic music playlist is a recipe for success. It will take some of the pressure off, and allow you to enjoy your guests and the festivities.

8. Consider the menu. If you are hosting a party at lunchtime, plan for a heavier menu to accommodate hungry guests. Likewise, if your party is just before dinner, avoid serving too much food or sugary delights that will spoil an evening meal. There is always one party guest who will want to eat the second they arrive, so be sure to have plenty of healthy finger foods on hand to keep everyone happy until the cake is served.

9. Plan your beverages. If you are hosting an event for children in a home with white carpets, serve stress-free clear drinks, like fruit-infused waters or clear juices. Leave the red punch for outdoor parties or places where a spill won’t wreak havoc on your home. Likewise, if you are hosting an afternoon family friendly party, be more creative with your drinks by offering mocktails rather than standard bottled drinks. When calculating beverages for a 2-hour party, plan to serve 4 drinks to each guests in that time period.

10. Have a flexible schedule. A party that runs on a strict schedule only results in a stressed host and exhausted guests! Rather than build a timetable, opt instead for a loose plan of what will take place, having back-up activities in place should the party need a boost of activity. A good rule of thumb for a children’s party is to greet your guests and then direct them to the party room, allowing them 30 minutes of relaxed party playtime. This ensures that any latecomers do not feel left out of the festivities. Move on to serving light foods, playing any party games you have lined up, and then winding down with the birthday cake and presents, followed by a final 30 minutes of relaxed party time. The children can play—and burn off the sugar high from that cake!


Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party without the Stress

For some parents planning a child’s birthday party can be a blast while other moms and dads find the party planning process stressful and a chore. Whether you opt to host a large expensive kid’s party event or prefer a small gathering with family and close friends, it is important to plan a birthday party that is fitting for your child’s age and temperament and takes into account your family’s style and budget.

Young children often get overwhelmed and over stimulated easily. We have all been to birthday parties where children are in tears over costumed characters or overwhelmed with the large numbers of unfamiliar faces. Consider your child’s personality and preference and plan a party where your child can be comfortable, be himself, and have fun.

With thoughtful planning, kid’s birthday parties can be meaningful occasions of joy and celebration with limited stress for adults.

Tips for Planning a Kids Birthday Party

Involve Your Child in the Party Planning:

  • Start by meeting with your child to plan her birthday party. Toddlers may simply tell you the flavor of the cake that they’d like, whereas preschool children often have specific birthday party ideas, “I want everything to be purple – my favorite color.”
  • Talk with preschool and older children about a party theme (if they’d like one), whom to invite, and where to have the event. You might give your child a choice between two outdoor playgrounds, for example.
  • Create the invitation with your child, if you have time, or purchase one. If you decide to make your own party invitations, young children can paint or draw on them while older children might help make the invitations on a computer.
  • Plan the food, cakes and drinks that will be served at the party. If the party has a theme, you can buy or make snacks that go along with the theme (i.e. Pirate Booty for a pirate’s party). You can also involve your child by baking the birthday cake or cupcakes together.

What to Consider When Making the Kids Party Guest List:

  • Small groups are recommended for young children. Some people believe that the number of guests should match the age the child is turning. If you feel a need to reciprocate for other kids’ birthday parties your child has attended, consider reciprocating with a fun play date.
  • Do you want to include extended family? If so, consider having a children’s party and then a separate family pot luck or party.
  • Think about inclusion. Be considerate of children’s feelings. If you decide to host a large birthday party, either invite the entire class or don’t distribute invitations at school. It is fine to invite just your child’s close friends, but the invitations should then go out by post or email.

Fun Birthday Party Ideas & Activities by Age Group:

  • When considering birthday party ideas for toddlers, most enjoy simple party activities such as playing with balls, water play, bubbles, giant cartons, or some colorful play dough with a variety of cookie cutters.
  • Preschool children enjoy simple party games, movement, and art activities. It’s helpful to plan the activities with your child. Consider mural painting, dance and freeze when the music stops, or a cooking project. 
  • Kindergarten and elementary school children will probably have more elaborate birthday party ideas and activities in mind. If finances permit, consider an activity such as miniature golf or bowling. A theme party where children make puppets and perform a puppet show is a fun option and not too costly.
  • Older children may request a sleep over birthday party. Consider whether this is something you would like to supervise recognizing that you probably won’t get much sleep. That said a sleep over with a small group can be a wonderful close time for children that they’ll remember for years.
  • Need birthday party ideas that range different age groups? Children of all ages enjoy being creative. Consider decorating party hats, making picture frames (and putting a group photograph of the children at the party), or having children decorate their own cupcakes or cookies.

There are many factors to consider when planning a child’s birthday party and stress shouldn’t be one of them. Remember that every family is unique and the ultimate goal is to plan a fun and memorable birthday party for your child.

Etiquette Guide to Kids’ Birthday Parties

Follow this list of dos and don’ts to solve sticky situations that may arise when hosting or attending a kid’s birthday bash.

Party Etiquette


This article originally appeared on LearnVest.com.

Once your kids are old enough to spend time around other kids—whether it’s at classes, daycare or school—you can expect one thing to pop up like clockwork.

We’re talking about birthday party invitations … and they just keep coming and coming and coming.

You may think, Oh, kids’ parties are simple affairs. Balloons, cake, presents, done.

But there are actually plenty of money issues that arise regarding birthday parties, whether you’re hosting, or your kid is attending. Namely:

  • How much should you spend on gifts?
  • What’s the appropriate amount of money to spend on gift bags?
  • What should you do if someone gives your kid an inappropriately expensive present?

Because these are tricky issues, we decided to go right to the source. Here,Lizzie Post, great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post and co-author of “The 18th Edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette,” answers your most pressing questions about kids’ birthday party etiquette.

If You’re Hosting a Party

Should You Invite the Entire Class?

You’re not obligated to invite the entire classroom if that doesn’t work for your family. According to Post, many families follow the “age plus one” rule. For example, a party for a 4-year-old should have five attendees. Many schools even have set policies, like inviting half the class or less, or all of just one gender. If you’re not inviting everyone, it’s worth talking to your kid about discretion, says Post, and remind her that she should keep party talk to herself. And, if you’re planning to invite nearly the whole class, then you should invite everyone.

Is It Appropriate to Send Invitations via Email or Evite?


Though electronic invites can be convenient and budget-friendly, Post believes they lack one big benefit: They don’t allow your child to be part of the process. Opt for paper instead and you can let your child help pick out and write (or decorate, if he’s too young to write) the invitations. Feel free to use email to send out a party reminder.

How Should You Remind Guests to RSVP?

Make sure you give a date by which you want RSVPs, and a method or two to reach you (a phone number is best, says Post). Then, one week before the party, call any families you haven’t heard from and say, “I wanted to call to see if Johnny was going to be coming to the party. This is the time and date again. Please let me know—I’m just trying to get an accurate head count.” You’re not being pushy by giving a friendly reminder.

Should You Open Presents at the Party?


There are pros and cons. The benefits are that it’s good to teach your child about opening gifts and receiving graciously. Also, it’s wonderful for guests to see the joy and happiness their presents have brought. But little guests can get bored, and sometimes everyone wants to play with the new toy (which can get broken or lost).

If you do decide to open presents while guests are still there, it’s important to create order, says Post. Have everyone sit down and remind kids they’ll be getting their own party favors later. Once presents have been admired, hide them away with a, “We’ll have lots of fun playing with these later.” Note: Even if your child does open gifts in front of his friends, he should still send a thank you note later.

What Should You Do if Your Kid Receives an Expensive Gift?

Receive gifts with the same spirit of generosity in which they were given, says Post. Be grateful, and don’t consider refusing the gift because it’s “too much.” Instead, explain to your child that she received a very special present, and be sure to have her personally thank the gift giver. When it comes time for that child’s birthday, don’t feel you have to reciprocate. Stick to your budget on presents, and don’t try to match gifts.

How Much Should You Spend on a Child?

There is no right number, Post says, it’s about giving something special to acknowledge the child’s special day. Spend what is in your budget. If that’s $10 per gift per child, work with that, but also ask his mom about his interests so you know whatever you choose, he’ll love.

Should Your Child Help You Pick Out the Present?

Since your kid is going to know what the other child would like more than you might, go for it. Plus, it teaches her about giving to others. For younger children, you could ask questions about what their friend might enjoy. For example, try asking, “Does Susan like arts and crafts or playing with toy cars and trucks at school?” For kindergarteners and up, you can say, “We have $15 to buy Susan a present. What do you think she might like?”

If your kid is too young to understand, or is going through a “mine, mine, mine!” phase, then go pick out a gift without her and don’t worry about it!

What if You Can’t Afford a Present?

One option is to call the hosting parents to let them know. You can say something like, “Store-bought birthday gifts are tough for us to purchase right now. We were thinking of baking Kelly’s favorite cookie. What does she love?” This lets the other mom know what to expect, and that you really care, without asking her what you should do. Of course, you also have the right to discuss the situation with your child and politely decline the invitation.

What if Your Child is Invited to a Party Where She’s Expected to Buy Something (Like a Costume or Admission to an Amusement Park), and You Can’t Afford it?

You could DIY the needed costume yourself, which could be a great bonding project. If the party expenditure requires a specific dollar amount, it’s okay to decline the invitation and, instead, offer to have the child over a different time to celebrate over a homemade dinner, or with a small gift.

If You Have Two Kids, is it Okay to Bring the Sibling to the Party?

In general, it’s expected for a parent or caregiver to stick around during parties for infants and toddlers, says Post, and in our experience, even through preschool. After that, she suggests asking the host what they prefer.

If you have siblings to deal with, it’s inappropriate to ask if you can bring them along. Try to make other arrangements, or call the hosts and ask if they would be okay with you dropping your child off instead of staying. That also allows them to say, “Why don’t you bring the whole family?” Even if you’d only be bringing a newborn in a baby sling, Post says it’s still proper to call the host ahead of time to give her a heads up.

If Your Kid is Upset Because She Wasn’t Invited to a Birthday Party, What’s the Best Way to Talk About Her Feelings?

If your child is not invited to a close friend’s party, it may be because that year the birthday child is only having a family party, a very small party, or only inviting friends from the soccer team, etc. Validate your child’s feelings of disappointment, and help her learn to be the bigger person. Suggest that she invite her friend over to play some other time.

If Your Child Can’t Make it to the Party, Do You Still Need to Get a Gift?

Unlike a wedding where you are obligated to send a present whether or not you attend, you don’t need to send a birthday gift if you can’t be there. You may choose to do so if it’s your child’s best friend or someone who bought your kid a gift, but it’s not required.

Party Planning Timeline

You are planning a party and want it to be one-of-a-kind, but are unsure where to start. We want to help! The following is a general timeline to get you started. Feel free to follow it exactly, or tweak it to fit the unique personality of the guest of honor!


6 to 8 Weeks Before the Party

  1. Select a date, time and location for the party.
  2. Decide on the number of guests and develop a guest list.
  3. If desired, call to book an entertainer, such as a clown or magician, to occupy children at the party.
  4. Choose a theme for the party.
  5. If you want personalized invitations, place the order so that they arrive at least 3 weeks before the party.

3 to 4 Weeks Before the Party

  1. Prepare invitations and mail or hand-deliver them.
  2. Put your guest list near the phone so you can easily record responses as invitees call to RSVP.
  3. Shop for party supplies.
  4. Ask a favorite babysitter, friend or relative to help out at the party.

2 to 3 Weeks Before the Party

  1. Select 3 – 6 activities to entertain children at the party.
  2. Purchase any supplies needed for the activities you selected.
  3. If serving a meal, decide on the menu.
  4. Order a cake (unless you plan to bake one).

1 Week Ahead

  1. Call any invitees who have not responded.
  2. Decide on the agenda for the party, including the order of your selected activities, what time you want to serve food and/or cake, and if it’s a birthday party, when the birthday boy or girl will open presents.
  3. Try any games or activities with which you are unfamiliar.

2 to 3 Days Ahead

  1. Purchase groceries or any pre-prepared food you plan to serve.
  2. Put the favor bags together.
  3. Charge your video camera and/or put fresh batteries in your regular or digital camera.
  4. Prepare any crafts that can be set up ahead of time.
  5. Bake any cookies or treats that can be made ahead.

The Day Before the Party

  1. Clean the party area. Put away items that may be dangerous or distracting.
  2. Bake or pick up the cake.
  3. If ordering food such as pizza, call to arrange a delivery time.
  4. If necessary, confirm with the entertainer and/or any helpers who you’ve asked to attend.
  5. Sit down with your child and discuss his or her expectations for the next day.

4 to 5 Hours Ahead

  1. Set the table and decorate.
  2. If you are planning a birthday party, put the candles on the cake and place matches nearby.
  3. Get balloons filled/pick up pre-filled latex or Mylar balloons.
  4. If you’re having the party at home, tie some balloons to the mailbox or the front porch to help mark the party location.
  5. Place crafts and prizes near the activity location(s).
  6. Locate paper and a pencil for recording gifts (for thank-you notes).

1 to 2 Hours Ahead

  1. Consider putting your pets in an area away from guests.
  2. Get the birthday boy or girl and all siblings dressed for the party.
  3. Set up the first activity.
  4. Set up the food.

Have a Great Party!