Duck Foot Relay

Duck Foot Relay
Ages preschooler

With this silly web-footed race, kids can pretend to be ducks and make the most of a rainy day indoors.

What you’ll need

  • Cardboard or foam core
  • Two empty tissue box
  • Glue

How to play

  1. Craft two pairs of webbed feet. To make, draw the outline of a duck foot (about 14 inches from heel to toe) on the cardboard and use a craft knife to cut it out (a parent’s job). Make the matching foot by placing the first one face-side-down on the cardboard and tracing around it. Cut the tissue box into halves and glue them on top of the feet with the box bottom facing up. Paint the feet bright orange or yellow.
  2. To race, divide a group of kids into two teams. On the far side of the room, set up a chair for each side.
  3. The first player from each team, wearing duck feet over his shoes, must circle his team’s chair and return to the starting point while quacking and flapping his arms.
  4. The next child in line puts on the shoes and takes a turn. The first team to finish wins.
Courtesy of FamilyFun Magazine