Party by Custom Party Time – Jake the Never Land Pirate

For Custom Party Time, Its always fun to plan a party, but twins, we needed to make this party extra exciting! I was told the twin were captivated with Jake the Never Land Pirate, and that is what we set out to provide. We hope you enjoy and we thank Debbie for letting us plan their extraordinary birthday!

The Invites were personalized, memorable, and best of all picked by the guest’s of honor and built online.

For the start of the events, we decorated a standard size room and divided it into different stations. For swashbuckling fun, we had backdrop for photos with a 72” Jake and lots of balloons. To the left of the room, a Candy and Snack Buffet, with just the right assortment for little hands. The eating area cheerful with Jake the Never Land plates, cups and Party Favors. So cute and fun for the lil pirates!

Outside, the party was completed with a Bounce Castle with Slide and the wonderfully artistic face painter and balloon entertainer Juliet. Juliet is local from Round Rock Tx and better known as Faces by Juliet. She made the kids and adults imagination come to life!

Below are the highlights from a very special day for two very special boys!

Jake and the Neverland Custom Party Planning

Lets get this party started! Chocolate Coins, little gold fish, candy, and treats at the candy buffet. Jake the Never Land Pirate Cups, Balloons, and Napkins.

They boys really wanted to be a pirate! Its hard to get a 3 yr old to hold still sometimes.. but with a little magic and fast hands, it was a success! Now they were ready for sword fighting!!


Aaarggg! Pirates!!

Balloons are always magical for all ages! What Juliet did was make them come alive. She made turtles, birds, planes, swords and more.



Everyone enjoyed the Bounce Castle with Slide! While the little ones were getting their faces painted, the older kids, (adults), turned back time and had some fun too!

Bounce House !

Bounce House Castle of fun!

Here are more ideas to make food fun! Time for food and treats..

Yum Yum!

Yum Yum!! Time for tasty treats…

Happy Birthday Boys!!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your long lasting memories…

From Custom Party Time