Might I Bite?

Might I Bite?

This variation on 20 questions has players trying to guess their animal identities. Players: 3 or more

What you’ll need

  • Paper, 1 piece per player
  • Pen
  • Tape

How to play

  1. To get started: Write a type of animal on each piece of paper. Place the papers in a bowl, then have each person pick one and tape it to another player’s forehead without showing that player what it says (you might want to cover your mirrors to prevent peeking!).
  2. To play: Each person asks the others yes-or-no questions (“Do I have fur?” “Do I have horns?”) in an effort to figure out his animal. Keep playing until everyone guesses his identity.
  3. Our testers’ twist: Try other themes, such as cartoon characters, famous people, food, or articles of clothing. Make certain to choose characters or items that everyone will recognize (Grandma might not know who Shrek is).
Courtesy of FamilyFun Magazine