Decorate Photobooth Props

photobooth-props-printablesLooking for easy, simple, cheap and low mess craft activities for your child’s birthday party?

Decorate Photobooth Props – Kids can decorate these printables cut them out and glue them onto wood dowels. Might be good to do this in the beginning of the party so that the glue can dry during cake and presents. After glue is dry it would be fun to take pictures of the kids with their props and email out to parents.


How to Make an Edible Bowl

Looking for a unique, edible fruit bowl for your party? 

Simply pour some melted chocolate over a balloon and let it drip down the sides.

Then put everything in the fridge until the chocolate has set (give it 24 hours to be sure). Pop the balloon, turn over and your chocolate bowl is ready.

How to Make an Edible Bowl

Custom Mario Birthday Invitations – By Custom Party Time

Custom Game Time, the gaming division of Custom Party Time designed these VIP Pit Pass Invites for an upcoming Mario Kart Gaming Tournament to celebrate a special child’s 10th Birthday.  See the entire blog on the Mario Kart Birthday designed by Custom Game Time by clicking here.

Each VIP Pit Pass was placed in a clear holder with a racing lanyard attached. This was put in a 6×6″ box with Custom Candies and Mario Decor, setting the mood for the Party to come!


Every Guest Received their Custom Pit Pass for the Party and was Hand Delivered!!

Contact us for more information on designing your Custom Birthday Party Invitation!


Party By Custom Game Time/Custom Party Time – Mario Gaming Tournament

Custom Game TIme, our gaming division of Custom Party Time, is excited to share with you a recent Mario Kart Gaming Experience for a special Birthday Child! For further information, please click on the highlighted and it will take you directly to our page for more information.  This Party was filled with tables of treats, Gaming Tournament and lots of fun!

Custom Party Time made each guest their Pit Pass for the party, what a fun invite to set the mood! The Pit Pass fit perfectly in a holder with a racing lanyard. It was placed in a box with custom candies and hand delivered to each guest.


Everyone loved the hand delivered “gift box” which held their Pit Pass in a Racing Lanyard Holder and custom candies.

When the kids walked in the door they were greeted with balloon decorations, a fully stocked prize wall, a full size Mario Kart standup, a photo booth with a Mario backdrop, and then quickly teamed up for the Mario Kart Tournament.

Time to play! Every guest enjoyed the tournament and went on to play the other games as free play! So much fun!!

Time to play! Every guest enjoyed the tournament and went on to play the other games as free play! So much fun!!

Mario Treats and Candy Buffet!

Mario Treats and Candy Buffet!

Lastly, the guest enjoyed the oversized Bounce House! Everyone of all ages was excited to exhaust themselves and take silly pictures on the slide.. So much fun!

Bouncing fun for everyone!

Bouncing fun for everyone!

Thank you for viewing our party, we can’t wait to showcase another!

Contact us for your Custom Gaming Tournament and let us take the stress out of the planning and put more fun into party! OR



Party by Custom Party Time – MINECRAFT

Custom Party Time is excited to share an amazing signature party! This was designed exclusive for a special MINECRAFT birthday celebration!  Please share in our excitement and contact us for your very own MINECRAFT experience. MINECRAFT Experience Birthday Party!!
MINECRAFT Experience Birthday Party!!

Invitations were specially designed by Custom Party Time. This was a Double Sided 5×4″ Invitation with party details and a custom designed Double Sided Candy Bar Wrapper. This was enclosed in a velum envelope with green confetti grass.. a must have to set the excitement for the party!

This is two different  MINECRAFT invites. There is the standard card Invite, front and back and Candy Bar Wrapper Invite, front and back.

This is two different MINECRAFT invites. There is the standard card Invite, front and back and Candy Bar Wrapper Invite, front and back.

Walking into the room everyone was excited at the real size pieces of MINECRAFT! We had 6 MINECRAFT pillars, Table Setting and Center Pieces, Photo Backdrop, Party Favors, Candy Buffet, MINECRAFT Team Shirts (green and black) and so much more…

The kids were excited to be "on the set" of MINECRAFT!

The kids were excited to be “on the set” of MINECRAFT!

Lets Party! Steve Favor Bags, Egg Prizes, Custom Lollipops, Custom MINECRAFT T-Shirts, Candy Buffet.. YAY!

Lets Party! Steve Favor Bags, Egg Prizes, Custom Lollipops, Custom MINECRAFT T-Shirts, Candy Buffet.. YAY!

Every party needs a Candy Buffet! All the kids enjoyed making their own candy take home bags with all the signature MINECRAFT delights! Custom Lollipops, Gold, Diamonds, Slime Balls, and more.  Designed MINECRAFT candy bags to fill completed the delicious experience!

Yum! Candy Buffet.. Gold, Slime Balls, and more!

Yum! Candy Buffet.. Gold, Slime Balls, and more!

Last but not least, MINECRAFT Battlefield with their favorite NERF gear! Every guest received a custom designed shirt with their team color, a choice of weapon, and safety glasses.  This was so much fun!!

Custom Designed MINECRAFT Shirts... ready for the battlefield!

Custom Designed MINECRAFT Shirts… ready for the battlefield!

We hope you enjoyed the ideas and click here to contact us for your MINECRAFT experience! Custom Party Time is ready to create your child’s personalized party and let the memories begin, click here.

If you are looking for MINECRAFT Party Supplies, look no further and click here!


Custom MINECRAFT Invitation by Custom Party Time

I don’t know about you, but in our house MINECRAFT is a favorite amongst all! At Custom Party Time, we can design invites for any theme and these will definitely be a favorite!

The invites below are two different options that we designed for a custom MINECRAFT party by Custom Party Time, click here to see the party.

There is a standard card option, front and back, that can be designed based on the party activities. The back can be personalized to show the events, party details or again, designed to your particular party needs.

The other option is a Candy Bar Wrapper that will fit a standard candy bar. This front and back design and can be designed to your party. For this particular design, we added a game controller replica to highlight the upcoming Gaming Tournament by Custom Party Time.

Contact us for more information, or to order yours now!

This is two different  MINECRAFT invites. There is the standard card Invite, front and back and Candy Bar Wrapper Invite, front and back.

This is two different MINECRAFT invites. There is the standard card Invite, front and back and Candy Bar Wrapper Invite, front and back.

Thank you for looking and don’t forget to check back at Custom Party Time – Blog for the party details and pictures!


Race Car Birthday – Designed by Custom Party Time

This was an exciting birthday that was deigned by Custom Party Time as a Race Car Experience!! This involved us going onsite to K1, but first the details to make it an experience to remember.

The birthday boy wanted a cake that looked like a Formula 1 Car, and that was what we set out to do.. he loved it! Even the guests had a hard time cutting into the cake during serving time.. but it was delicous!

Next was to hand design the invites, a replica of V.I.P Pit Passes.. after all, this is what the guests needed to set the tone of the party to come!

Formula 1 Race Car Cake and Custom Invitation Lanyards provided by Custom Party Time! TIme to RACE!

Formula 1 Race Car Cake and Custom Invitation Lanyards provided by Custom Party Time! Time to RACE!

Each table was set with Personalized Placemats and Lollipop’s, Individual favor boxes filled with race themed treats and toys.  The most treasured was the replica champagne bottles filled with personalized M&M’s of the birthday boys name and age… so special!

We also had several activities planned to ensure the guests were always entertained! Onsite we had photography of the group and family, and on the race track…ensuring all the memories were captured and no one was left out!



Thank you for allowing us to share in this special time!! We all had so much fun!

Custom Party Time


Halloween Costume Party

This was so much fun for all of us at Custom Party Time!! Spooky, Scary, and absolutely memorable! To set the scene,  Custom Invitations were built online, and then a special touch was added, every invitation was decorated by hand.

Upon walking in the door guests immediately felt excited! With decorations and props, we constructed a dungeon underneath the stairs, Which included a creepy lights, coffin, and skeleton. A parlor for guest to sit and have treats, Personalized Lollipops and Chocolates awaited. In the main area tables were lined with a Candy Buffet and Prizes. Spooky Drinks for all ages, with decorated cups and straws. Around every corner there was plenty of props for all to take pictures with.

Around every corner the guests would find a spooky sweet treat!

Around every corner the guests would find a spooky sweet treat! Candy Bouquets of every size would be given to the winners of our contests to come.

Halloween Costume Party Page 2

Once everyone was settled in, all the guests were included in a scavenger hunt, which led them straight to the dungeon for their treasure! Can you hear the clanking of the chains? They thought they could…

Wheres the treasure...

Wheres the treasure…  Lets consult the skeleton fortune teller. The kids would need to follow the clues that would lead them around the “Haunted Mansion” and grounds. Only to discover that the clues had brought them to the dungeon..who dares to go in??

Next it was time to get everyone moving outside… with a game of wrap the mummy! This is a fun game where teams are made up of two, given rolls of paper, and the first to wrap their mummy wins. What a great time!!

Let the Judging begin!! All the kids lined up and walked the halloween catwalk.. the winner? They received personalized candy bouquets!!

Let the judging begin!! All the kids lined up and walked the halloween catwalk.. the winner received? A personalized candy bouquets!!

What got the kids excited is when kids and parents celebrated Halloween with a Costume Contest and who attended ranged from Superheroes, Fairy’s from all lands, ninja’s, a giant banana, and the guest of honor.. Slender Man! Awards were given for scariest, funniest, group and more, no one was left out of the fun. Each guest received a spectacular personalized treat and favor for attending.  What a scary good time!

Custom Party Time


Party by Custom Party Time – Jake the Never Land Pirate

For Custom Party Time, Its always fun to plan a party, but twins, we needed to make this party extra exciting! I was told the twin were captivated with Jake the Never Land Pirate, and that is what we set out to provide. We hope you enjoy and we thank Debbie for letting us plan their extraordinary birthday!

The Invites were personalized, memorable, and best of all picked by the guest’s of honor and built online.

For the start of the events, we decorated a standard size room and divided it into different stations. For swashbuckling fun, we had backdrop for photos with a 72” Jake and lots of balloons. To the left of the room, a Candy and Snack Buffet, with just the right assortment for little hands. The eating area cheerful with Jake the Never Land plates, cups and Party Favors. So cute and fun for the lil pirates!

Outside, the party was completed with a Bounce Castle with Slide and the wonderfully artistic face painter and balloon entertainer Juliet. Juliet is local from Round Rock Tx and better known as Faces by Juliet. She made the kids and adults imagination come to life!

Below are the highlights from a very special day for two very special boys!

Jake and the Neverland Custom Party Planning

Lets get this party started! Chocolate Coins, little gold fish, candy, and treats at the candy buffet. Jake the Never Land Pirate Cups, Balloons, and Napkins.

They boys really wanted to be a pirate! Its hard to get a 3 yr old to hold still sometimes.. but with a little magic and fast hands, it was a success! Now they were ready for sword fighting!!


Aaarggg! Pirates!!

Balloons are always magical for all ages! What Juliet did was make them come alive. She made turtles, birds, planes, swords and more.



Everyone enjoyed the Bounce Castle with Slide! While the little ones were getting their faces painted, the older kids, (adults), turned back time and had some fun too!

Bounce House !

Bounce House Castle of fun!

Here are more ideas to make food fun! Time for food and treats..

Yum Yum!

Yum Yum!! Time for tasty treats…

Happy Birthday Boys!!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your long lasting memories…

From Custom Party Time


Adorable Ideas for Planning Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

Adorable Ideas for Planning Your Baby's 1st Birthday Party

There’s really no birthday that’s as special to celebrate as your child’s first one. Even though he or she probably won’t remember a thing, there will always be the photographs and cute little mementos to show them how loved they are, and how excited you and the rest of the family were to honor your first twelve months together.

Make it an extra meaningful day by turning your baby’s birthday party into a personalized, home-made event. We’ve compiled some of our favorite DIY crafts here for you– so check them out and get to planning!

Embellished Birthday Party Hat

When celebrating your baby’s first birthday, not just any party hat will do! Get crafty by making your own embellished hat, like this adorable one. Not only will this make for a great keepsake, but your baby will look pretty darn cute in it, too!


Baby’s Face Photo Banner

Who wants a plain old party banner when you can make this amazing DIY banner adorned with your child’s face? This is an awesome looking craft that is a lot easier to make than it looks!


Happy Birthday Cupcakes

Serve these sweet and simple mini cupcakes at your party, and they’re sure to be enjoyed by all of your
guests– toddlers and adults alike! This is a much more mess-friendly, baby-friendly alternative to a large birthday cake.


Balloon High Chair

Since this day is all about the birthday baby, turn their everyday high chair into a special throne! By lining the chair with streamers and signs, and tying some festive balloons to the back, you can transform your child into a birthday prince or princess.


Fizzy Jello Cups

Give out these cute little refreshments to your younger guests! Sure, every kid loves plain jello, but our fizzy jello is a whole other story. This deliciously modern take on the classic dessert will be a definite hit with all party-goers.


Polaroid Display

Are you obsessed with photographing your new baby? Good, we thought so. For this adorable craft, simply snap a whole bunch of Polaroid pictures! Don’t have a Polaroid camera, or don’t have time to take new pictures? Just do what Amanda Pair did, and turn old favorites into fake Polaroids by using a photo editing tool like Adobe Photoshop!