Penny Pitch Game

Penny Pitch Game

Few midway games are as simple, or simply addictive, as this. Your tickets get you a fistful of pennies, which you toss one by one onto the game board, trying to land one on any of the colored circles to win a prize.

What you’ll need

  • Large Sheet of Foam Core or Wood
  • Paint or Polka Dot Tablecloth/Wrapping Paper
  • Duct Tape
  • Buckets
  • Dustpan and Broom
  • Pouch
  • A lot of Pennies

How to play

  1. Paint polka dots on a large sheet of form core (edges wrapped in duct tape) or wood, or cover a board with a polka dot tablecloth or wrapping paper.
  2. Set the board on buckets and make a throwing line several feet away.
  3. Give the barker a dustpan and broom for penny collection (and a pouch for penny storage).
Courtesy of FamilyFun Magazine