Whimsical Tulle Wreath for Kids Birthdays

Whimsical Tulle Wreath for Kids BirthdaysMy daughter loves crafting, but often finds that her finished product and the ideal she held in her head do not match up as often as she would like.

Though that may be the norm for any craft beginner, this fairy inspired wreath offers an opportunity for any crafter to shine.

Thanks to the whimsical nature of this wreath, my daughter was able to create the perfect wreath just as she envisioned and completely on her own in under an hour.  Tulle is an easy fabric to use for this wreath, but really any fabric will create a similar styled wreath, making this craft it a simple option for last minute party décor regardless of theme, but also works well as a fun spring or summer decoration for the kids – and you- to display proudly.



4-5 spools of tulle or other sheer fabric ribbon

1 medium sized foam wreath


Optional embellishments or decorations

Glue gun, if desired



Step 1: Measure the length that you want each tulle strand to be and then cut out exact matches for each spool of tulle. 


Step 2: Once you are done cutting, tie each length of tulle to the foam wreath, and then repeat until you have covered the entire foam wreath in tulle.


Step 3: Position the knots to be in the same place around the foam wreath by twisting them and then place your optional decorations on the wreath before hanging. More than likely you’ll need to glue these embellishments to your wreath – if so, make sure you take care of this step if you have a little helper.